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Hi, I’m Kierra! High-level BnB Coach & Superhost. My first taste of entrepreneurship came after I had graduated college. I started my very first Airbnb while working my 9-5 (can you believe I was in accounting)!? 

My 1 bed, 1 bath, 597 sq foot AirBnB was bringing in more money than my 9-5. A job that required a degree I had spent years and THOUSANDS on. This is when I realized there was more out there. More than what they teach you in school, more than what our parents knew, and more ways to build generational wealth and financial freedom 
that we were never taught.

Our Story

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better — do better.”

When I’m not hosting & coaching,
I spend time exploring every inch 
of my city of Houston, TX. From 
trying new restaurants, activities, 
and exploring, I will never get 
tired of rediscovering my city.

I’m a HUGE Beyonce fan and 
have always looked to her and 
other powerful black women as 
the blueprint. I work to amplify 
women’s voices, leadership, 
and action to break barriers 
and shatter ceilings.



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Having a strong desire for success is what will move the needly forward.

What are you going to do when motivation isn't there?

Your business is as good as the integrity you put behind it.

Making generational wealth and financial freedom accessible to everyone.

“I recently secured 2 units thanks to this Bootcamp. She teaches you how to do AirBnB the right way & gives you the tools you need to be successful!”

- Nicole

“I received 6 yeses since completing the program. No other program gives away this much information.”

- Marquita

“She believes in everyone having a chance to level up. I’ve never had taken a course or mentorship where someone gives away THIS much information.”

- Josina

Why We Do What We Do

I guess you could call me a serial entrepreneur by nature! I always 
knew I wanted to work for myself and build something that was ME 
instead of building it for someone else. Right out of college I explored 
the world of short-term rentals after being introduced to it by a friend. 
I never knew the impact this moment would have on me at the time. 
When I had my first unit making me more money than my 9-5, I knew I 
had to make a pivot.

I knew I wanted to build a BnB Empire that would support me, my 
family, and my future generations to come.I felt in my soul it was time 
to spread that knowledge. I helped one person get started and her 
success gave me LIFE. I wanted to do it again and again and again. 
I’ve seen my students pay off debts, save for their children’s college, 
quit their corporate jobs, and secure financial security for themselves. 
It goes beyond having a business, this creates a lifetime of freedom.