My formula to evaluate profitable zip codes that’ll always keep you booked 

My secrets on identifying business credit cards & OPM to furnish your first unit 

An easy formula to calculate how much money you’ll need to furnish each property out of pocket 

Detailed 6-week step-by-step guide to attaining your first unit in order 

The only two methods you’ll need to find properties that will accept corporate leases

Here's what you'll learn:

my promise to you:

The best part? Get started in just 6 weeks or less with these masterclass formulas!

Work on YOUR time, no longer having to answer to anyone else but yourself

Get the EXACT formula on how to position your business when pitching to landlords

just imagine this...

Not for you if you're already familiar with the basics of business formations, business credit, and how to find units.

Not for you if you're looking for a "get rich quick" solution and want to put no work or time into it.

Not for you if you aren't ready to sacrifice the time it takes to get your first unit.

Who is this program NOT for?

now just so we are clear...

I'm a High-level BnB Coach & Superhost. My first taste of entrepreneurship came after I had graduated college. I started my very first Airbnb while working my 9-5 (can you believe I was in accounting)!? 

My 1 bed, 1 bath, 597 sq foot AirBnB was bringing in more money than my 9-5. A job that required a degree I had spent years and THOUSANDS on. This is when I realized there was more out there. More than what they teach you in school, more than what our parents knew, and more ways to build generational wealth and financial freedom that we were never taught.

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