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I was surprised when I first learned that you didn't need to own property to host on short-term rental (STR) platforms like BnB.

As soon as I learned this, I started calling apartments to see who would let me rent an apartment, furnish it, and start hosting to make money. 

The struggle was real.

I was calling apartment after apartment just for them to tell me they weren't interested. 

If they did accept this type of lease, then they would finish the call letting me know that they have to background check every guest.

And each call became more and more discouraging.  

I started to give up with the idea of hosting because people on the internet made it seem easy. But then, I finally got my first break. 

And now, I am a full-time host that owns and rents my bnbs. 

Does this sound familiar?


What if I told you there was a way you could legally spy on your top earning competitors in any city to see their bookings and earnings & how you could do the same?

With this knowledge, you could start in ANY city.


I've had new hosts come to me after buying someone's online course and using their "script" just to still have gotten hundreds of "no's".

They don't realize that scripts don't work anymore & that they must use my new pitch strategy instead.  


Look. Numbers don't lie. Once you learn how to evaluate each unit you were looking at for profit, then you'd be ready to start hosting with confidence. 

In my three years of hosting, I've never had to pay for any monthly bills out of pocket because of this gem! 


Most new hosts are stuck for these reasons too:

Don't worry, you are not alone!

If you've been down at least 1 of 3 of these trains of thought and couldn't find the answers you needed, then don't worry!

I've got you covered.

You want to buy property, but can’t see how you could afford the down payment to a new house and ready to learn how ownership is an option for new hosts


You want to find landlords that will let you do bnb without having to do background checks on every guest and let you host in peace while you pay the rent


You’re sick of trying to figure out if starting a bnb would work in your city since it looks oversaturated and where you should host instead


You want to get rid of the weekends filled binging youtube videos on “how to start bnb” and get actionable steps on where to start 


Now, you're in the right place if:

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The 3-step process I use to acquire units and turn them into passive income assets in 12 weeks or less both with & without owning property. 

BnB bootcamp for beginners


This virtual course was designed for the host who is ready to make an income on bnb!

Module One:
Business Fundamentals + Business Credit

Module Two:
Ownership + Arbitrage

Module Three:
System Secrets + Design for Dollars

Module Four:
Lucrative Listings

Final Blueprints

This is what you'll learn!

The Details

TASKS and follow ups

Lesson assignments

virtual trainings + replays

Lifetime access to course material

honors society facebook group

How it works!

Finally, you'll need to learn how to scale. I took my years of experience and scaled up to $25,000+ months on STR platforms with properties that I owned and rented from landlords. This is where you can rinse and repeat the system!



Next, you'll need to learn how to fully automate your business. I built my systems and automations so my business could run itself and stay booked while I could focus on restoring myself and prepping to scale. Get ready for this!



The first step is to learn how to acquire the units. I spent time learning the different ways to acquire units & chose the one that was best for me. Then, I got my first unit & decorated it to stand out from my competition. We'll go over all of it! 



- Marvella s, Georgia

"The class has so much information and is not what I expected. I thought I was getting myself into a basic course to teach me the gist of starting a bnb business. But this course tells you everything from A to Z!"

- Osay e.

"I was already in AirBnB and had a few units before I got Kierra's course BUT the information that's in her course is very, very strategic. You can tell that she knows what she's doing. I got 3 courses before I got her course and I'm telling you...this girl knows her stuff."

- Shanon h.

"If you're willing to make a major change in life and you're willing to put in the work, then Kierra's course will get you there. She teaches you about discipline. She has guided me and has helped my business flow the way it needs to flow. I've gotten so much out of this and overall, I just feel much more confident!" 

Let's work together

Hi! My name is Kierra and I am your short-term rental coach. I've been hosting for over 3 years. 

I am a real estate investor with a focus on buy-and-hold investment strategies. I graduated from the University of Houston with my BBA in Accounting. I worked for two big-4 accounting firms but quickly realized AirBnB was my strong suit. My goal is to help students of the For the Host Academy discover the world of STRs so you can have the knowledge readily available.

Meet your instructor, Kierra.

The BnB Bootcamp 2.0 is an online course! Each main section/topic will be released one week at a time. You will receive three lessons per week to focus on. 

Is this bootcamp in person or online?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! You have the option to prepay for the program or pay in 3 monthly installments. Choose what's best for you. Click here so you can make your choice: Choose here

Are there payment plans available?

Class starts immediately after you purchase!

Each week, the new topic will be unlocked for you to watch. 

In between lessons, you will have assignments that you must complete. 

If you have any specific questions, please email!

What day does the bootcamp start? And at what times are the classes?

Agreed, there is a lot of information that I give out.

But, the info you find on the internet is only a tiny slice of the strategies I share inside of The BnB Bootcamp 2.0.

The Bootcamp will reveal my intermediate and advanced acquisition strategies. All information is organized in a clear roadmap, so you have a step-by-step path with no missing pieces to succeed in BnB.

You already give a lot of free info. How will the bootcamp be any different?

All classes have been pre-recorded for you to watch and go at your own pace to complete the course! 

You will receive forever access to the course content. 

Will there be replays? And how long are they up for?

Yep, and I’d love to hear from you!

Please email me at, and I will be in touch within 48 hours of your request, between Monday and Friday, 9AM to 5PM CST.

I have more questions about the program. Can I email you?


This bootcamp's goal is to give you the blueprint for both rental arbitrage and property ownership, whichever you choose. 

And yes, there will be scripts! I only provide scripts I have crafted & have successfully gotten my clients the "yes" from landlords. They'll be discussed in detail during the bootcamp.

Will the bootcamp teach me how to convince landlords to let me do bnb at their properties? And are you providing scripts?

1:1 access to Kierra is not included in the bootcamp. 

However, you will be receiving FREE 6 months access to the Honors Society Facebook Group. 

Ask as many questions as you want!

Also, you will have email access as well! 


When making any investment whether it's for your personal or business, most lenders and creditors will require you to have good credit. But don't worry!

In the Bootcamp 2.0, we have a credit and business credit specialist coming to talk about how to restore your personal credit if you have any negative or derogatory marks. 

Do I have to have good credit to start BnB? 

Great question! 

The refund policy for each payment plan can be found on the BnB Bootcamp Terms and Conditions page. 

CLICK HERE to access the terms and conditions (Article 9) for the refund policies. 

What if I join and realize it’s not for me? What’s the refund policy? 

I ask myself this exact same question whenever I make ANY investment. There are lots of big promises made, and not many of them are kept in the online space.

Luckily for you, I have been coaching this exact framework for over two years and it has successfully gotten my clients units and given them financial freedom. 

As long as you are following the blueprint and using our calculators in the program, then you will be able to calculate the average amount of months it will take you to make your money back. 

How soon will I make my money back? I’m worried this will yet be another program that I don’t get an roi. 

You sure do get access to the course curriculum and bonuses for life! 

This is something new that we did not do in the first BnB Bootcamp program, so congrats! 

Also, please note that access to the Honors Society and support are 6-months of access, not lifetime access.

You have the option to extend your access though in the event you want to be apart of the support community for more than 6 months. 

Do I really get lifetime access to BnB Bootcamp core curriculum and bonuses?

I'm ready to join!

It's about time you get an exact strategy on how to start and earn extra income every month from your BnB business!

Let's work together and build your empire.

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The BnB Bootcamp 2.0 is for high-earning current and future hosts looking to increase their income and bookings through their short-term rentals. 

The Bootcamp features guest instructors in parallel industries related to BnB, real estate, and finance to educate students of the program. The knowledge of all guest instructors totals well over 80 years combined.

My mission is to be the go-to hosting academy for new and experienced hosts when they want to add knowledge and wisdom to their hosting tool boxes for years to come. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join now!

it teaches you all you need to know.

This bootcamp is different from what you've seen before because...